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Cairfog is a car sanitization spray that is made with natural antibacterial & deodorizing ingredient in ultrafine. Cairfog gets rid of odors by removing 99.9% of fungi and bacteria in aircon and every corner of the car and creates a clean, refreshing new interior cabin smell.
Priced at $48 nett, you can enjoy these benefits:

Why Cairfog

Priced at $48 nett, you can enjoy these benefits:

  • Anti-virus car protection
  • 99.9% sterilising effect
  • Durability: Lasts up to 6 months
  • FDA Approved
Air-Con Evaporator Cleaning
A thorough cleaning process to remove mould, bacteria and odour from the evaporator.
Anti- Bacteria Treatment
A highly effective disinfectant is used to eradicate all viruses and bacteria in the air.
Cabin Air-Con Filter Replacement
A high filter which contains an anti-bacteria reagent that inhibits the growth of fungi, mould and bacteria on the filter media. It also captures airborne allergens effectively in the car.

Clean, Care, Protect 4 Steps

Step 01
The cabin filter is treated with the organic plant-based anti-bacterial solution
Step 02
powerful steam is sprayed onto filters & distributed through a/c systems
Step 03
fine fog particles penetrate every surface & remove harmful bacteria & viruses
Step 04
anti-virus coating protects all internal & external surfaces with 99.9 sterilising effect


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Went there for my car servicing. Make appointment online and went there on time. They take over my car. 10min later the mechanic come over to advise me on what my car need to service and the package available for me. So I took the package as they advise. After all thing is done take over my car and found my car is very responsive and noise level of the engine go down. Well done to the team and they did a very good job.

Chew Chun Giap

The customer service rendered by Mr Shaik Daud was superb. He was very attentive and helped explain the cost breakdown in details. His attention to details is something that the customer officers can emulate. Thank you!

Ling Leck Chuan

Excellent service from Sabrina. Detailed explanation and clear quotation. Thank you!


Servicing fast timing. Professionally done. Gave good advices and suggestions. Centre comfortable

Michael Lee

Very good service. Staff is very friendly and warm. Provides good advice and not pushy. I am a satisfied client


Yi Ying provides excellent customer service. Parts issued are well communicated with photos. Will recommend SPARK to others

Koh De Wei Blithe

Very friendly staff who took time to understand my queries & needs. Double thumbs-up! Keep up the great service pal

Samuel Lee

Sharman maintained constant communication with customer like myself for prompt updates on my car servicing due high mileage under platinum package. he was polite and has definitely made sincere improvements to provide quality service to customers on their vehicles

Reynard yeo

Cairfog - Car Sanitization

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