Joshua Lim, Assistant Manager – Taxi Maintenance & Customer Experience

As a fresh graduate, how far would you envision yourself to grow in your first job?

Joshua Lim is one of the lucky ones who started his career in an industry which he has a keen interest in. After graduating from Mechanical Engineering at National Technological University in 2017, he joined ComfortDelGro Engineering to pursue his interest in automotive engineering.

“When I joined CDGE as an Executive, I was only looking for opportunities to learn and gain work experience since it was my first job,” said Joshua. “I am very fortunate that throughout my 5 years of service, I have been given the chance to undertake a wide spectrum of work scope and take on managerial responsibilities.”

Besides planning and running taxi workshop operations, Joshua is involved in fleet data analysis, project implementation and managing an emergency vehicle recovery team. He is now an Assistant Manager who oversees the operations and facilities of the taxi workshop at Pandan.

His growth mindset and commitment are the main factors that fueled his progression. He does not shy away from any new assignments. Instead, he accepts the challenges and learn along the way. Knowing that he is young and lacks experience in certain area, he humbly accepts feedback and criticism from his peers. To sharpen his data analytics capabilities, Joshua enrolled himself in the Certified R Data Analyst Diploma course as well as Professional Certificate in Machine Learning (Python) at the Singapore Management University Academy. The knowledge gained from the courses is put to good use as he applies the various statistical analysis and modelling techniques to solve problems, diagnose trends and improve cost efficiency.

Joshua is grateful to his superiors and colleagues who have helped and guided him along. Over these years, they have established excellent teamwork, joining hands to ensure that taxis are repaired timely with high standards. Whenever any issue arise, even when if happens in other branches, Joshua and his team mates would work out solutions together.

“I am fortunate to have many people helping me through my learning journey in CDGE. The great camaraderie has provided me with a positive environment to grow.” said Joshua. “The greatest achievement in my job is being able to apply insights obtained from data analytics to help our workshops perform better, reduce vehicle breakdowns and improve productivity.”