EV Charging at Condominium

With EV Common Charger Grant, we make condo charging simple and convenient

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We are here to support your journey towards sustainable mobility.

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We Are Your EV Charging Ecosystem

ComfortDelGro ENGIE Pte Ltd is dedicated to the roll out of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure to support your journey towards sustainable mobility.
Using both the transportation experience of ComfortDelGro and the energy knowledge of ENGIE, we are able to provide you the ecosystem, from renewable energy production, to EV charging system, and finally EVs on the road.

Why Choose Us

When you choose CDG ENGIE to partner and be your EV charging operator, you are immediately connected to a sustainable e-mobility ecosystem with our extensive mobility, energy and EV charging experiences from both the ComfortDelGro and ENGIE.

You will experience an unparallel ability to deliver e-mobility solutions with the following:

Deeper Partnership
With 3 key market players, i.e. the best in both mobility (ComfortDelGro), energy industry (ENGIE) and EV mobility (CDG ENGIE), the choice is bigger than just CPO operations.
Wide Expertise
We tap on our existing pool of expertise, knowledge, and networks of ComfortDelGro and ENGIE through CDG ENGIE.
Ecosystem Developments
Be part of an innovative e-mobility ecosystem with one of the largest public EV charging networks, public taxi fleet and private bus fleet operator in Singapore.
EV Users
Achieve better traffic flow to your premises with EV fleet drivers on CDG ENGIE’s network.
Extensive Network
Be part of more than 160 sites in our pipeline, including fast charging farms.

Meet The Team

The team from CDG ENGIE brings you a rich and diverse background in the fields of project development, engineering, management and operations. We believe CDG ENGIE offers a multitude of skillsets in renewable energy, sustainability and facility management, as well as mobility and EV charging. All members of CDG ENGIE have significant experience handling both small and large projects in Singapore and these combined synergies will allow for more efficient rollout of EV charging infrastructure towards a greener and sustainable future.
General Manager

Freddie Chew

Freddie has 20 years of experience in the transportation sector that includes public transport operations, supply chain and car park operations. In his career, he has successfully spearheaded new initiatives like an industry-first accident response team, grew business revenue into associated services, and has led the energy business arm of ComfortDelGro to secure both Government and commercial tenders for the deployment of about 5,000 charging points across different regions in Singapore. 

Head of Commercial

Paul Welsford

Paul has been involved with the EV industry in Singapore since 2016. Previously CEO of EVDots, an EV start-up funded by ENGIE Factory.

Head of Engineering

Kumaran Balasubramanian

Kumaran has 15 years of experience specialising in the energy sector, spanning across project management for renewable energy generation installations, power grid engineering, energy market policy planning and low-voltage product applications. Kumaran currently spearheads the deployment of electric vehicle charging infrastructure while simultaneously overseeing contracts management, which includes ensuring technical compliance of products and solutions.

Head of Operations and Projects

Steven Ling

Steven has 17 years of experience in the transportation industry specialising in contracts, operations and has led teams in managing the maintenance of premises and deployment of manpower resources for round-the-clock operations for various transport infrastructures, including asset and business continuity management. 

Head of Technology

Gene Goh

Gene has 17 years of software development experience in various industries spanning Telecommunications, Media and Energy. He is responsible for managing not only the technological innovations, but also the systems that support the daily running of the business.


Charging as a Service

Zero upfront cost* required! We will handle the funding and installation of the charging infrastructure through our Charging-as-a-Service model. The charger is also a potential new source of growing revenue for your site.
We are hardware agnostic and will use only the best hardware EV charging hardware to suit your site’s requirements. We can install from 7.4kW AC, perfect for long-stay parking, all the way to super-fast 100kW DC and over for those who need to top up quickly. We only deploy chargers that have received LNO approval.
Connect with us today! We are your ecosystem for a sustainable mobility experience.
*subjected to site assessment
Your EV Charging Journey with us:


HDB residents will be able to charge their electric vehicle conveniently and at the comfort of their neighbourhood when CDG ENGIE roll out more about 500 charge public points across Central, East and West regions of Singapore in 2022.
With the ECCG, be the first mover to install EV chargers at your condominium so that residents can charge conveniently from home. We are a reviewed EV charger operator and can apply for the grant to make your charging both convenient and affordable.


Planning to install EV chargers at your premises with hassle free services? We deploy our chargers at no upfront cost*. Chargers are also operated and maintained by CDG ENGIE.
Looking for Ownership model instead? We have various charger models which will suit your needs. In this model, you own the charging hardware and earn revenue, or offer to patrons for free, your choice.
So why wait? Journey with us and be part of a fast-growing network.
*subjected to site assessment

Fleet Owners

CDG ENGIE is here to partner you in providing the ecosystem according to your business needs, from renewable energy production, to EV charging system, and finally EVs on the road. The ComfortDelGro Group is one of the largest global land transport operators, so we understand the importance of getting your fleet operations right.
Remote monitoring of charger operations and utilization can easily be implemented, providing your team with a quick yet comprehensive overview on the state-of-charge. You can be rest assured of the seamless EV journey that you will be embarking on with us.

Smart Charging Software

Our Charger Management Software (CMS) is a solution consisting of a full suite of integrated software systems that provide functionality to the EV charging network. This system provides various functionalities for the administration, operation, and maintenance of the EV charging hardware.

Through CDG ENGIE EV Charging App, you can navigate to our network of chargers, start and end a charging session, and lastly, make payment, all at your fingertips.

Did we mention that you can also remotely monitor and control your charging session via the smartphone application?

Clean Energy Towards Zero Carbon Future

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Annual Maintenance Programmes

Get FREE grooming & roadside assistance for a one-year servicing programme.

Network Map

Find your nearest Charging Point

More than 500 charge points coming your way in 2022!
Download CDG ENGIE EV Charging App to check out the list of available charge points and those that are coming soon.
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Car looks good and service was easy to arrange

Stephen Forshaw

I'm an existing customer of SPARK - they are dependable, responsive (love their WhatsApp helpline, they even reply at 10pm!), reasonably priced and helpful. Special thanks to Jeremiah Goh and Ryan Kan @ Braddell, who helped me remove very stubborn stains on my windscreen in record time, very client focused bunch.

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