Are You Caught In An Accident ?


What Should I Do?

Under the Motor Claims Framework, all accidents have to be officially reported within 24 hours, regardless of whether there are damages to your car or not.


Exhange driver’s particular(s)
Important to take note of the vehicle number(s) and you are encouraged to exchange driver’s particulars(s)


Take photographs
Take an overview of the accident scene and the damaged vehicles/properties. Remember to secure your video recording (remove SD card)


Call 24-hr helpline 6553 1111 for towing


Make a Traffic Police report
Make a traffic police report as soon as possible or within 24 hours of the accident if the accident involves: Fatality – do not move the vehicle, Damage to government property, Foreign vehicle, Pedestrian or cyclist, Hit- and-run case


Report the accident
Report the accident at an authorised workshop within 24 hours or by the next working day. If you fail to report an accident, your insurer may repudiate liability, no-claim discount may be docked upon the renewal of your policy.

Why choose us?

Be assured of a hassle-free, honest and speedy accident recovery at SPARK Car Care. In the event of an accident, we will provide consultancy service at no charge.

Why choose us?

After a car accident, there are so many things going through your mind? One of the most important worries is who will fix my car and can my car return to its original state before it was wrecked? Come to us for a complete solution and let us take care of your worry.


One-stop solutions provider for accident reporting, repairs and claims recovery

Direct, fast and hassle-free claims settlement with no aggravated damage to inflate your claim amount


Guaranteed 99% matching to original paintwork with RapidMatch Spectrophotometer with sophisticated Paint Mixer.

The right mix of colour matching ensures that the new paint when mix with the existing paint will look uniform and match perfectly

Appointed by 13 insurance companies gives you assurance that we are reliable and credible
We provide 24 months warranty on paintwork .

Using PPG paint, the 2nd largest coating company in the world, we assure you the top quality of paint


Stringent procurement process to ensure all replacement parts are of top quality.

Competent and experienced panel beaters working in a controlled and dust-free environment to ensure your car is repaired to its original state

We Provide For You

No one anticipated an accident to be occurred but when it happens, we simply need help at the shortest time.
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Car Wash

Car looks good and service was easy to arrange

Stephen Forshaw

I'm an existing customer of SPARK - they are dependable, responsive (love their WhatsApp helpline, they even reply at 10pm!), reasonably priced and helpful. Special thanks to Jeremiah Goh and Ryan Kan @ Braddell, who helped me remove very stubborn stains on my windscreen in record time, very client focused bunch.

Michelle Ng

Went there for my car servicing. Make appointment online and went there on time. They take over my car. 10min later the mechanic come over to advise me on what my car need to service and the package available for me. So I took the package as they advise. After all thing is done take over my car and found my car is very responsive and noise level of the engine go down. Well done to the team and they did a very good job.

Chew Chun Giap

First class customer service from Cray Tan at Pandan branch. Well done to staff changing the Pirelli tyres. Good Job

Donna Chan

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